Canyon of Defile
Canyon of Defile
Games Forever Kingdom

Allies None

The Canyon of Defile is the seventh explorable area in Forever Kingdom, and the ninth level in terms of difficulty. It is situated right above the Buried Cavern.


Darius, Ruyan and Faeana travel to the Canyon of Defile via an elevator in the Buried Canyon. As they ascend, a quake occurs, causing boulders to drop and block the path down to the Buried Canyon. They are presumed to make it up to the top just in time, as Ruyan is relieved about their close call, contemplating that he and his friends could have been buried alive.

As soon as the trio pass through a path with falling boulders, Ruyan and Faeana come across a ghostly apparition of Solca, which disappears before their eyes. Darius does not see that mirage, and he and his friends move on.


The Canyon of Defile has a few paths that lead up or down, but is otherwise fairly straightforward. There are Earth-elemental Mutants in this level, so do refrain from using any weapons or Palmira attacks of that element. Frequent use of your Guard ability may prove useful, especially if you have equipped a weapon that restores health every time Guard is used.

By default, you take the upper path of the Canyon of Defile. There is a cavern at the end of the level that leads to the Land of the Dead. Turn back at the entrance to the Land of the Dead and you will find another cavern -- take that path, and you will be able to access the lower levels of the Canyon of Defile.

At times there will be boulders falling from above. None of your party members can fend these off with weapons; the only option is to run.