Darius' Crest

The Crest as it appears on Darius' right hand.

The Crest is a birthmark on some children in the continent of Edinbury. This mark is believed to be cursed, and a cause of misfortune. Children who are born with this mark are shunned as bringers of tragedy. Players may recognise the Crest from the logos of Evergrace II (the prequel) and Evergrace.

Darius, the protagonist of both games, is one such person born with the Crest; he has it on his right hand. He believes it is a "cursed mark," the cause of misfortune all his life.

Forever KingdomEdit

The curse of the Crest is not a major plot device in Forever Kingdom, with the Soul Bind taking its place of importance. However, subtle references are made to the Crest within the game. Darius' profile only mentions, in one single sentence, that he has a mark on his right hand known as the Crest.

The Shrine of Mist, dedicated to the Twin Goddesses Solca and Karmyla, makes a subtle allusion to the Crest by calling it the "Mark of Anger" in inscriptions.


The Crest and the secrets behind it are explored in greater detail in Evergrace. Bearers of the Crest are almost universally hated in Edinbury, except in the village of Toledo, where they are considered protectors of the Billiana trees, and therefore holy martyrs.

Morpheus created , based on the Crest, is known as the "AI Crest." Morpheus created it as an instrument to explore the secrets surrounding the Crest, and thus its characteristics are quite different from those of the Crest.

The Human Research Laboratory in the Rieubane Empire was known as the primary research facility for Palmira and the AI Crest.

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