Darius (Artwork)
Japanese ユテラルド
Romaji Yuterarudo
Place of origin Solta
Role Protagonist
Origin Evergrace
English voice actor(s) Neil Howard (Forever Kingdom)
Japanese voice actor(s) Akira Sada (Evergrace),
Susumu Chiba (Forever Kingdom)
"But first, we've gotta get rid of this damn curse."
—Darius, Forever Kingdom

Darius (Yuterald in the Japanese versions) is the protagonist of Evergrace and Forever Kingdom.


Forever KingdomEdit

A young man born with a mark on his right hand, known as the Crest. He is destined to join the others as one of the Four Swordsmen of Solta.

He is skilled in direct attack, inflicting great damage with Physical PA. The growth of his Palmira is fast; however, he does poorly with Magical PA, inflicting minimal damage with slow growth, being the slowest of the three. He's strong with Fire, weak with Ice. He cannot equip Ice armor or any type of spears, and is limited with two-handed weapons. Darius' characteristic is the Chain Combo, and, if timed right, can hit the enemy up to three times. The third attack forces the enemy into the air, allowing PA attacks to begin.

Note: this is only possible from a vertical attack.


One of the two protagonists in this game. When Darius was young, his parents were killed by assassins from Morea, and even the girl whom he had treated like a sister was killed defending him. Thus he hones his skills in sword fighting and thinks about nothing but revenge. He becomes one of the Four Swordsmen of Solta and successfully pursues the remaining soldiers of Morea into the Billiana Forest, but is somehow transported to Rieubane, the Lost Empire. He has the Crest - that "cursed mark" - on his right hand. He believes it's the cause of all the misfortune in his life.


Forever KingdomEdit



  • In the Shadow Tower in Evergrace, Demon Darius can be fought as a boss. Defeating him will award you the Moonlight Sword.
  • The Crest, the mark on Darius' right hand, is referenced subtly in Forever Kingdom as the "Mark of Anger" in puzzles in the Shrine of Mist.

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