Japanese ブラサード
Romaji Burasādo
Place of origin Morea
Role Antagonist
Origin Forever Kingdom
English voice actor(s) Charles Martinet
Japanese voice actor(s) Tomohiro Nishimura

Darsul (known as Brathard in the Japanese version) is the primary antagonist of Forever Kingdom and the driving force behind the quest of Darius, Ruyan and Faeana.


Forever KingdomEdit

A magician who travels with Drumhort. He has taken a deep interest in documents that were discovered during his research. He is currently seeking Solca because he feels there is a direct link between her and his overall purpose. Darsul was also the one who cast the forbidden curse known as the "Soul Bind" upon Darius and his party during their travels to Solta.


Darsul takes his leave

Darsul about to take his leave.

Early in the game, Darsul is seen with Drumhort about to kill a mysterious young girl. Faeana, who heard her "cry" for help, rushes to the scene, followed by Darius and Ruyan, and the three try to intervene and stop them. Darius is overpowered by Drumhort, and as "punishment for meddling", Darsul casts the Soul Bind upon them, binding their life forces such that if either of them get hurt, all of them feel the pain. If either of them dies, all of them die. Discovering that the young girl that they had tried to kidnap had escaped, Darsul and Drumhort leave for the Dandelion Field, where they believe she went.

Darsul is later encountered by Darius, Felkin and Ruyan in the Shrine Hall. After finding Faeana, they pursue Darsul right up to the last chamber of the Shrine. Darsul summons a legion of enemies to take care of Darius and company, and once these are defeated, they find that Darsul has disappeared. Felkin, who had earlier joined Darius and Ruyan, is shocked to note that his half-brother Drumhort is allying with Darsul, and resolves to find out the reason behind this.

Some time later, after Darius and company arrive at the Dandelion Field, they find that Darsul and Drumhort are nowhere to be found. Meanwhile, Darsul, seated at his throne, receives news that Felkin has joined Darius and his friends. Darsul tells this to Drumhort, who says that he has severed all ties with his family and the Solta Army, and that nothing can keep him from fighting. Darsul asks if he is sure about this, as Drumhort might probably still be searching for a place to call home; Drumhort only replies that he has to hold on to his beliefs. Darsul is encountered in the Throne Room of the Shadow Palace later in the story, and is encountered in a pincer attack, where Darius and Felkin attack him from the front whilst Saris attacks him from the side. Darsul and Drumhort take leave before Felkin can even get to them.


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