Evergrace I: Edit

Offense Status
Poison Claw 390
Flame Breathe (Flame) 393
Lightning (Lightning) 303
- -
Defense Status
DEF Slash 100
DEF Hit 190
DEF Lunge 90
DEF (Lightning) 150
DEF (Tree) 80
DEF (Flame) 210
DEF (Ice) 80

In Evergrace, Dementia is the second boss in the Rieubane Castle when you are playing as Darius.

He looks like your typical demon-like monster. His wings appear to be scythe-like. Despite the fact he was created by Trandin, he appears be very sinister, and will kill anyone left in Rieubane.


Dementia is the toughest boss yet, but tactics are simple. All you need to do is run up to him after his lightning storm attack, and pummel him with strong Ice or Tree magic. To avoid his attacks, recharge your energy behind the pillars in the corner. He isn't very hard if you have at least 3 Life Extracts, just avoid his Lightning attack and don't attack with a Fire weapon such as the Solta Sword.

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