"Just going to stand there? You won't last long with that attitude!"

Evergrace I: Edit

Offense Status
Landslide Wave (Flame) 390
Blade Shock Wave (Lightning) 360
Blade Attack 700
- -
Defense Status
DEF Slash 280
DEF Hit 260
DEF Lunge 160
DEF (Lightning) 210
DEF (Tree) 220
DEF (Flame) 230
DEF (Ice) 200

Drawide is a boss from Evergrace. He can be fought while playing as Darius. He is a shirtless muscular monster who wields a giant sword.


Due to the fact that he is a monster, it is likely he is very ruthless and shows no mercy to his enemies. His quotes suggest this, though his actual personality is left to the player's imagination.

Boss StrategyEdit

He has two attacks, his first is when he jumps and strikes down at the ground, and you can dodge it easily. He also has an attack a lot like landslide, which isn't too hard to dodge either. Equip your strongest physical armor and a Blessed Mask which you should have obtained from Reubaine Castle in the Mask Corridor. Also, do try to get a Degulta from one of the Dravolts outside the Colloseum (before you enter; you can go back if you haven't already started the boss fight). If you have it, use the Hero Pendant (the one which recovers HP). Now you are going to have to try and keep charged and run at the same time! So when you are running, stop briefly when your bar reaches the middle. Then, simply hit him hard in the sides and back while he's pulling off an attack.

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