Japanese フォーリム
Romaji Fōrimu
Place of origin Unknown
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Origin Evergrace
Japanese voice actor(s) Mao Motomura (Evergrace)

Krisalis (Forim in the Japanese version) is a character in Evergrace.


Krisalis is a mysterious life form that appears before Darius after he stumbles into the territory of the legendary Rieubane Empire. She appears bird-like, but was once human. She says she was transformed by a Demon that was attacking (the) Rieubane Empire. She has virtually no offensive strength, but can become invisible at will. She seems to understand all the mysteries of life.



Awaken Krisalis Edit

Evergrace I: Edit

Offense Status
Violet Assault (Lightning) 660
Flame Ball (Flame) 380
Stab Attack 640
- -
Defense Status
DEF Slash 180
DEF Hit 150
DEF Lunge 240
DEF (Lightning) 183
DEF (Tree) 260
DEF (Flame) 156
DEF (Ice) 186

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