Japanese バグラゲラ
Romaji Baguragera
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Role Antagonist
Origin Evergrace
Japanese voice actor(s) Eisuke Yoda (Evergrace)

Morpheus is a character from Evergrace. He is well-versed with magic and technology, and led to the creation of the Palmira armaments.


The founder of human science, he served as chief scientist at the Human Research Laboratory. He's the one responsible for the technology of Palmira armaments. He is the son of a magician directly affiliated with the Rieubane Empire, and possesses formidable magic. He disappeared following the destruction of Rieubane, and no one knows his whereabouts. He pursues Sienna in order to research the "AI Crest."

Boss StrategyEdit

This fight may be hard, or it may be easy. A good way to fight him is to use a quick weapon. I recommend The Tear Blade with aerial combo. Morpheus only seems to be able to do three attacks, Throw fireballs, throw earth blasts and teleport. While he is throwing the fireballs or earth blasts, dodge them, strafing to the left and right and use a combo, or a few attacks at Morpheus before he teleports. He usually teleports some place very inconvenient for the view to see. You can see little bits of yellow energy where he goes, but there is also energy where he comes from, so don't get confused. Just keep at him and you will be fine. Don't worry about using too many life extracts; you can restock before the finale.

Morpheus Edit

Evergrace I: Edit

Offense Status
Fire Ball (Flame) 490
Curse Wall (Lightning) 10
Land Shock Wave (Tree and Hit) 580
- -
Defense Status
DEF Slash 310
DEF Hit 170
DEF Lunge 250
DEF (Lightning) 999
DEF (Tree) 999
DEF (Flame) 999
DEF (Ice) 999

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