"Another one fooled by that old fox Morpheus ..."
—Orladin, Evergrace
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Profile Edit

Evergrace 1 Edit

Age: 30

Gender: Male

Height: Approximately 5.6 ft.

Personality: Edit

A strong leader due to his strength in both Knowledge and honor. He is a kind person, but comes off as annoying due to his perception of himself as a member of royalty.

History: Edit

Orladin is a direct descendant of the Royal Family. He has, or had, the right to inherit the throne. He is gifted and has great strength in fighting and in his studies.

If the Rieubane Empire had continued, he undoubtedly would have been the next emperor. Orladin has a sense of great responsibility. He has been working independently to bring back the rule of his family. He's trying to rid the land of monsters using the power of Billiana as studied by Morpheus, but is frustrated because Morpheus refuses to cooperate. He has become injured while searching for Morpheus and he receives medical treatment from Sharami. He feels he owes Sharline a favor as a royal member and is also attracted to her and desperately wants to help her after Morpheus captures her.

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