Palmira is a crystallized form of Billiana fruit extract. It can't be used as is, but it has the power to enhance physical abilities and add special abilities (Palmira power -> Palmira action) by integrating it with armaments. These are referred to as "Palmira armaments."

Palmira powers are derived from the energy of Palmira itself, and therefore Palmira power is depleted through use over a period of time. The armament from which Palmira power is completely drained becomes weaker than standard armaments and becomes useless. Palmira is used not only for Palmira armaments (a collective term used for armaments with special powers), but used to prolong life and create artificial life forms.

A Palmira Piece has enough value to be used as currency, due to the value of the energy stored within.

Forever KingdomEdit

Palmira Pieces are used to upgrade weapons and armor, and come in three different colors, denoting their upgrade strength.

  • Blue Palmira Pieces upgrade weapons and armor by 5%, and can be obtained once Overkill is achieved.
  • Yellow Palmira Pieces upgrade weapons and armor by 10%, and can be obtained either from chests, or by successfully performing a Palmira combo attack.
  • Red Palmira Pieces, the most powerful of the Palmira pieces in the game, upgrade weapons and armor by 50%. They can be obtained either by defeating Palmira Bees, or from chests. It only takes one homing Palmira attack to defeat a Palmira Bee, and it must be timed right.

The player can only hold a maximum of 9 of each Palmira piece, just as he would for any other item in his inventory.


Palmira Pieces are used as currency in the game. They come in three different colors.

  • Red Palmira Pieces have a value of 10.
  • Yellow Palmira Pieces have a value of 30.
  • Silver/Grey Palmira Pieces have a value of 100.

Palmira Ore is an item that certain enemies drop. It can be sold to the shopkeeper for 1000 Palmira Pieces.

Note: The max amount of Palmira Pieces the player can have at one time is 9999.

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