Rieubane is an empire that existed on the Edinbury continent. Research of Billiana trees and the Crest resulted in the creation of Palmira Armaments, which made it the greatest military power in history, but it abruptly disappeared. As with other places, the people of Rieubane abhorred the Crest bearers.

It is also known as the Lost Empire Rieubane, the Ancient Empire, or the Rieubane Empire.

Fall of the Rieubane EmpireEdit

In Forever Kingdom, the story of the fall of the Rieubane Empire is explored.

It is presumed that the last Emperor and Empress of Rieubane were the parents of the Twin Princesses, Solca and Karmyla. Solca had taken Karmyla's treasure, a music box. Solca had meant to give it back to Karmyla, but she accidentally broke it. Karmyla was angry and upset, and blamed Solca for it. Solca was desperate to repair said music box, if it meant that could make Karmyla friendly with Solca once more. In her desperation, she would do anything.

One day, a sorcerer, presumably an ancestor of Darsul, turned up at the Shadow Palace where she and her family lived. He offered to repair the music box... and in exchange, he asked for her soul to be used to power the Palmira Doll, a highly destructive weapon. With the Palmira Doll powered, the Rieubane Empire was soon destroyed.

As time passed, the many destroyed areas of the Ancient Empire became overgrown with Billiana trees. Only four villages withstood the fall of the Empire: Solta, Morea, Seclue and Toledo.

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