Ruyan (Artwork)
Japanese リヤナ
Romaji Riyana
Place of origin Seclue
Role Protagonist
Origin Forever Kingdom
English voice actor(s) Brian Moore
Japanese voice actor(s) Soichiro Hoshi

Ruyan (Ryana in the Japanese versions) is Darius' friend and one of the main characters in Forever Kingdom. He is referred to by his friends simply as Ruy.

Ruyan looks up to Darius for having survived his tragic past, and trains hard to be a skilled swordsman. However, he avoids fighting whenever possible. His goal, regardless of how it is achieved, is peace.


Forever KingdomEdit

A young man who has grown up with Darius and respects him as an older brother. He will join him as one of the Four Swordsmen of Solta.

He possesses average skills in Physical and Magical PA. Ruyan has moderate damage output, Palmira growth and movement speed. He has no weaknesses or strengths in his attributes; however, he cannot equip heavy weapons such as axes, but he can equip spears with ease.

Ruyan's characteristic, SG Absorb Guard, recovers the Soul Guage (SG), when enemy attacks are successfully guarded, using the R1 button. This is a very helpful skill, especially when SG is depleted or there is very little supply left of Life Extract.


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