Japanese シャルアミ
Romaji Sharuami
Place of origin Solta
Role Protagonist
Origin Evergrace
Japanese voice actor(s) Rio Natsuki (Evergrace)

Sharline is one of the protagonists of Evergrace, alongside Darius.

Evergrace 1Edit

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Height: Approximately 5.2 ft

Personality: Edit

Full of energy and life. She's very thoughtful and compassionate. Although she is rather clumsy, especially with her hands, she makes up for it by both her positive attitude and persists.

History: Edit

One of the two protagonists in this game. Sharline is a kindhearted young lady who was like a sister to Darius. When the assassins came to kill Darius's father, she was thrown into the Lost Empire of Rieubane by the powers of Darius' Crest. There she is saved by Sienna, who happens to find her unconscious. Right before her eyes, Sharline sees Sienna being kidnapped by the scientist Morpheus. Sharline wants to save Sienna from captivity, but she also wants to escape the empire of Rieubane.

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