Shop Owner
Shop Owner
Place of origin Crystal Pillar
Role Neutral
Origin Evergrace
English voice actor(s) N/A
Japanese voice actor(s) N/A

The Shop Owner is a character that appears in Evergrace and in Forever Kingdom.

Evergrace 1 Edit

Age: Unknown

Gender: Male

Height: Approximately 3.7 ft.

Personality: Edit

An extraordinarily and particular man. He has an immense passion for fashion. He is an upright person and will treat others with equal respect.

History: Edit

He's a shop clerk, but possesses first-class knowledge as a magician in the handling of Palmira armaments. He likes to handle his armaments with a respect for their aesthetic beauty.

He does not understand and dislikes people who use armaments with no sense of fashion, however being a merchant his hatred is limited to his attitude before the customer. He has an enterprising spirit as a merchant, high pride as a magician and his own policies and uniqueness regarding armaments.


Forever KingdomEdit

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