Evergrace I: Edit

Offense Status
Stab Combo 320
Sealed Blow 220
- -
- -
Defense Status
DEF Slash 190
DEF Hit 210
DEF Lunge 230
DEF (Lightning) 140
DEF (Tree) 120
DEF (Flame) 130
DEF (Ice) 120

Souless Folus is a boss from Evergrace, which can be encountered while playing as Darius.

While playing as Sharline, his statue can allow you to be transported to the Human Research Laboratory at the founder's room. When you are playing as Darius, Souless Folus can only be fought when you have the Royal Helm, the Royal Robe, and the Royal Boots equipped. Defeating him awards you the Royal Metal.


Make sure you have plenty of Release Symbols to unseal your Palmira Actions and DON'T FALL OFF! Try to keep your distance from him and use long range Tree or Ice magic (Summon Tree is highly recommended for this battle) or get up close and hit him with your sword (use Template:Button and direction) in the side or back.

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