Testing Grounds
Games Forever Kingdom

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The Testing Grounds is the passageway leading to the Shrine of Mist. It is the fourth level in Forever Kingdom. It is so named because the first bosses of the game are encountered there (that is, if Darius and party have not entered the Coliseum yet).

This is one of the places featured in the Forever Kingdom introductory video.



Darius and company at the entrance of Testing Grounds

Testing Grounds EntranceEdit

This place seems to be very isolated, with a series of broken pillars, ruins and closed routes over a shallow pool of water. The sunset provides a backdrop for this area: it seems as if it is almost nightfall.

It should be noted that upon entering this area of the Testing Grounds, the player cannot return to the previous level.

There are Fire-elemental Mutants that can be faced here, the same ones that could be found in the Cavern of Testing.

Testing GroundsEdit

Actual Testing Grounds

The true Testing Grounds in pitch darkness

The actual Testing Grounds are a flight of stairs in pitch darkness. On either side of the stairs are unlit lamps. At the end of the stairs is a door to what looks like a shrine, as well as the Crystal Pillar for this area.

It should be noted that Darius and company cannot go past the Testing Grounds unless all the lamps have been lit. For this, have one of the party members equip the Amulet of Fire (you should have obtained this by now), and use a Palmira attack on the very first lamp. The rest of the lamps will light up by themselves.

There are no enemies in this area, but this is no excuse to go easy on the level: there is a boss battle waiting up ahead!

Entrance to the Shrine of MistEdit

The entrance to the Shrine of Mist is a hall with marble floors, and there are only two doors - one behind the player and one in front of the player. A boss battle takes place in this area. Successfully completing this boss battle and leaving the area will enable the player to meet Felkin.

Treasure ListEdit


  • There are two chests in the Testing Grounds proper, i.e. in front of the entrance to the Shrine of Mist.