Japanese ビルホルゴ
Romaji Biruhorugo
Place of origin
Origin Evergrace


He is a young lad who was kidnapped from a distant place by Morpheus. He was taken to the Human Research Laboratory, where he became the subject of a top secret experiment that even the lab scientists were forbidden to know about. Judging from Morpheus' attitude and the treatment of him, it's apparent that this experiment was a very important one. He is also the son of Sienna.

Boss StrategyEdit

He is a demon, or at least half demon so you should expect him to be a little challenge. He absorbs all earth attacks so if you are using Sharlene, don't use her Sacred Staff at all. He has an attack that shoots 3 energy blasts, though it always hits you if you are close. Make sure you hit him hard when he is down on the ground as there isn't much you can use to hit him while airborne. I recommend using the katana.

Demon Trandin Edit

Evergrace I: Edit

Offense Status
Lightning Blast (Lightning) 340
Land Shock (Flame) 100
Blade Attack 650
Throwing Dagger (Lightning) 300
Defense Status
DEF Slash 420
DEF Hit 350
DEF Lunge 280
DEF (Lightning) 400
DEF (Tree) 400
DEF (Flame) 400
DEF (Ice) 360

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